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ZlavaDna is the number one among deals and coupons sites in Slovakia and Czech Republic

ZlavaDna is a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local companies.

There's no better feeling than getting a great bargain on new outfits, holidays or gifts. ZlavaDna is the number one among deals and coupons sites in Slovakia and Czech Republic and one of the fastest growing companies in Central Europe.

ZlavaDna's customer approach

ZlavaDna is known for its innovative approach in addressing new customers. They quickly realised that customer service can be an inexpensive way of marketing. In March 2014, ZlavaDna has started using LiveAgent to provide better and faster customer support. Currently, they employ 8 support agents who solve about 9000 queries a month by live chat and email.

Firstly they were using Gmail for email communication. Many employees found themselves drowning in all these messages, thus they were forced to find a way how to manage and answer customer emails more effectively. As the number of emails and simultaneously also the number of their agents was increasing, they needed to simplify their work and avoid duplication of solving clients' queries. That’s when they said STOP to Gmail and started to look around for a better solution.

We tried Zendesk, Freshdesk and Kayako, but they couldn’t compete with LiveAgent’s feature set and a very attractive price.

Prior to starting using LiveAgent, ZlavaDna did not use any live chat application. After implementing a live chat button on their website, the increase of customers’ questions was significant. In addition to 9000 answered emails a month they’re also able to help 1000+ customers via live chat in real time.

Being able to solve customer queries in real-time with live chat helped us decrease ticket load by 25%.

Improvements and Customer Satisfaction

LiveAgent simplified the work of the ZlavaDna’s customer service department that all customers’ queries (tickets) are now answered within 24 hours.

"This could definitely not be possible without LiveAgent."

We achieved a two-digit increase in customer satisfaction.

From the support agent's perspective

"So far, everybody has been satisfied with LiveAgent. It enables us to evaluate the work flow in a more transparent way and increases the overall efficiency of our customer service."

ZlavaDna’s goal is to solve tickets even faster and increase the efficiency of their customer service representatives.

personalInfopersonalInfoPeter Blazecka

PR & Marketing manager @ ZlavaDna

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