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Habrahabr (Хабрахабр) is the 25th most popular website in Russia

Habrahabr meets LiveAgent

Habrahabr is a Russian collaborative blog, founded in June 2006, with elements of social network about IT, Computer science and anything related to the Internet. It’s the 25th most popular website in Russia.

Visitors can write in the collective and personal hubs, publish personal audio or video, read blogs, search companies looking for a new job and of course communicate with other people, united by common ideas and goals.

A problem to solve

The impulse for Habrahabr to start looking for a helpdesk software was an increasing number of incoming emails. As any company would, they did research in early 2012 and not that later, they realised that LiveAgent was the best fit. They found it very convenient how LiveAgent handles incoming email communication.

Being able to collect emails from all our projects was a game changer for us.

Our goal is to Answer everything

“The key to achieve perfect customer satisfaction for us is to answer all incoming messages. Shared mailbox doesn’t provide us with necessary features for this to happen, however, LiveAgent does. By collecting emails from all our projects into LiveAgent, we’re able to have 100% control over all customer queries and are sure that no email gets lost behind.“

The top 3 features pick:

These are the 3 features in LiveAgent that Habrahabr finds most convenient:

- Autotags (and other rules)
- Canned messages
- Tickets transferring and notes

Thanks to LiveAgent our two helpdesk agents can easily solve more than 150 tickets per day.

Aleksey Shevelev

Project Manager @ Habrahabr

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