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E-ville.com is the online store offering low price, good quality gadgets and accessories to the consumers in Finland.

Main goal of using a help desk software is to enhance customer experience. This is just what LiveAgent did for eshop E-ville.com. We can shout phrases like “second to none effectivity” or “customer satisfaction” all we want, but there is no point in using these terms without good old facts and numbers to stand behind them. Well, here we go, let’s have a look at what we have here.

About E-ville

E-ville currently has 4 support agents working full time. These guys are providing support to over 100,000 customers in 2 countries. That’s something, isn’t it? E-ville’s awesome support team goes through 4 000 (!) tickets every single month. Yes, we are still talking about those 4 agents we have mentioned before. Their main communication channel is good old email and shared inbox in Thunderbird just has not been cutting it anymore for them.

We have been using LiveAgent since Spring 2016 and we love that we can attend everything from any computer and the customers get served by the same agent - said CEO Ville Majanen

What makes their support better or different when compared to competition?

I think we are more personal, more fair and friendly and that counts.

Our help desk solution is helping E-ville to achieve their ultimate goal: “Our clients need to get quicker responses and better service.” said Ville Majanen.

We built our success on providing whole experience. It is our best effort to keep the customers satisfied. This cannot be done without brilliant helpdesk solution as our beloved LiveAgent.

What has changed after the deployment of LiveAgent?

Well, who is more qualified to respond to this question than E-ville.com head of customer service himself?… "Everything is all in one place! Before we either had to use multiple apps, or pay more for integrations. LiveAgent allows us to give the best customer service possible, without breaking the bank or making us sacrifice essentials tools."

Our team at LiveAgent values customer feedback above all. We stand behind what we say and so we dare to ask tough questions, as an example: What is the feedback from your support staff? You cannot imagine how proud we feel when our customers like E-ville, responds with: “No complains whatsoever!”

Ville Majanen

CEO @ E-ville.com

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+1-888-659-6550(Toll Free in USA & Canada)

+421 2 33 456 826(European Union & Worldwide)

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