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LiveAgent is equipped with numerous contact widgets. Live Chat, Contact Forms, Call Center, Knowledge Base, Feedback buttons and formulars - it's all there, ready to use. You're only one click away from using these features on your website.

Live Chat


Live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of your company. Livechat builds customers' confidence while shopping and increases overall customer experience. Adding a human factor to your website while real time chatting with your customers can be a game changer.

Business Benefits of Live Chat:

  • Increase leads and sales by adding a live chat button on your website
  • Provide customers immediate access to help
  • Live Chat increases conversions on average by 23%
  • 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website which provides live chat
  • Live Chat saves phone support expenses and allows you to simultaneously chat with multiple customers

Read more why livechat is a must-have.

Pop-out contact form (Contact Buttons)

Integrate a "contact us" form on your website. By clicking a button, a contact form pops up. Contact buttons are fully customizable, and can be placed anywhere on your website.

Contact form buttons

Live Chat Buttons

Place a chat button anywhere in your website and start answering your customers via live chat. LiveAgent provides various customizable live chat buttons.

Choose from numerous predefined live chat button positions and styles:


Haven’t found the right style for your online chat button ? Don’t worry, you can create a custom one by uploading an image or by writing your own HTML code.

How to modify livechat buttons.

Automatic Live Chat Invitations

Engage your website visitors by inviting them to live chat with your agents. Setup chat invitations for custom URLs on your website(e.g. your pricing page). Invite visitors to chat with you during the checkout process, build their purchase confidence, increase shopping experience and convert them into paying customers by having a real person chat with them. Easily setup a custom popout time for your chat invitations.

LiveAgent also makes sure, that it only invites visitors to chat when you have enough available live chat representatives online. Read more on how to setup live chat invitations.

Chat Invitation
chat invite

Contact Forms

Adding contact forms on your website enables your customers to send email messages directly from your website. Contact forms are either built in or popout formulars. Once a visitor enters queries into forms and clicks send, a new ticket is created in LiveAgent. Multiple contact forms of different designs can be added on various websites.

Business Benefits of Contact Forms:

  • Generate more leads by having more people to contact you
  • Acquire important business information(Name, Email address, Phone number, Interest)
  • Hide your email address to avoid spam, have visitors contact you only through contact forms

In-page contact form

Create a “Contact us” form on a specific page(no need to use a contact button). Fields and colors are customizable.

contact formulars

Call Center

Call center is highly important for the business concerns as its supposed to handle queries of your customers. Customers who are in trouble with the services/products delivered by the business persons, do contact them back to get a clear solution. Call centers are thus helpful to retain the potential customers.

LiveAgent Call Center works as an integration with Twilio. (In order to be able to accept calls, you have to have a Twilio account). Calls can be made by calling your call center phone number (Phone - Computer) or by clicking a "Call us“ button on your website (Computer - Computer). When a customer tries to call you, he automatically gets into a queue and waits for the first available agent.

LiveAgent call center

Business benefits of call center:

  • Save expenses of purchasing phone set ups, all calls are answered with LiveAgent, from your computer
  • Phone calls are recorded and easily accessible
  • Call and chat with your customers at the same time and avoid misspelling issues

Phone calls

Get a phone number and let customers contact you by calling your call center from their phone. Have agents pick up phone calls in LiveAgent.

phone to pc call

Computer calls

Place a call button anywhere on your website and have customers call you from their computer. Call buttons are customizable and can be placed anywhere in your website.

PC to PC calls allow you to simultaneously call and chat with your customers. This is a huge advantage and has a positive effect on the effectiveness of your customer service agents.

call button

Customer Portal

The customer portal stores your knowledge base articles, forum posts and feedbacks from your customers. It supports your customers even when your agents are not online. The look & feel can be fully customized to match your business.

Business Benefits of Customer Portal:

  • Customer portal reduces your customer support costs and workload
  • Support your customers even when you are offline
  • Build a community with your customers and let them interact together
  • Encourage customers to send you new ideas and feedback for future development
  • Collect importand feedback and know what your customers like and dislike



Knowledge Base

Create categories in your customer portal based on your products, services or types of customers. Add knowledge base articles, forums or feedback boards. Create knowledge base search widgets, and provide customers with easy acccess to your knowledge base articles. Search widgets are customizable, and can be placed anywhere in your knowledge base pages.



Create a LiveAgent powered Forum and build a community with your customers. Each forum entry is transformed into a ticket so your agent can always respond. Setting up and configuring Forum.

Customer Forum

Feedback & Suggestions

Encourage customers to send you new ideas and feedback for future development. Discuss each idea with your customers in an easy to use feedback forum. Do you know what are the most important features for your customers? Let them vote! Clearly communicate the progress of implementation with your customers.

Use our knowledge base topic suggestions feature and avoid duplicate posts.

Feedback buttons

Collect important feedback from your customers by placing a feedback button anywhere in your website. Customize feedback button to fit your business.

Copy & Paste Integration. No HTML skills required.

The simple system makes it easy to create customized contact widgets which are easy to integrate into your website by simply copy-pasting small HTML code.

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