Measure your customer satisfaction rate and see how it increases. Analyze your helpdesk performance, reward the right support representatives and motivate others.

Leverage analytics about your customers and agents.

Get an overview of your customer support. See who is interacting with your company and monitor the service they're receiving. See usage statistics, evaluate performance reports, and learn from customer satisfaction ratings. LiveAgent is packed with endless reporting possibilities.

Analyze overall performance of your support agents

Monitor the performance of your support agents. See detailed graphs and charts with grossing numbers of opended chats, solved e-mails, received Facebook messages and other metrics viewed per day, week or month. See who is the most productive, who prefers e-mails over live chats, who delivers consistent results over time.

Compare your customer support agents between each other

See who has the best performance. Compare custom statistical data like answers/sales or answers/reward ratios. Analyze your most productive agents and let your other agents learn from them. Reward agents with highest sales. Export your data for later use. Choose from various graph types the one which fits you the best.

Data insights & overview for departments

Create department reports with just one click. Forget about manual data collecting. LiveAgent will do everything for you. Have your department reports on your boss's desk in no time. Continuously check the performance of your Department.

Know where the most communication comes from

See what is the most popular way for your customers to contact you. LiveAgent provides you with detailed insights of every communication channel: Email, Live Chat, Call Center, Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Facebook messages, Tweets... Forget about external tracking applications. Everything is built in !

Compare statistics based on tags and labels

Label your tickets with tags and analyze them later. Wondering how to use tags? Here's a pro hint: Label your products or services with custom tags for better management and analytics.

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