Predefined answers

An efficient and simple way to rationalize your workflow is to create Predefined answers for support queries that can be answered with a single, general response.

This saves you time and struggle of formulating a separate reply to each customer that has the same issue.

Predefined answers OverviewPredefined answers Overview

ExampleSubject: Recurring order for LiveAgent failed
Message: We have been informed that your recurring order for LiveAgent failed. The credit card was declined, so please try another card [update the billing information inside LiveAgent agent panel in the "My Accounts" section] or make sure you have enough funds on the actual card. Also make sure your bank is not declining the automated order.

To trigger a Predefined answer simply hit CTRL+I while typing or click the Predefined answer icon and select from your saved Predefined answer.

Adding Predefined answerAdding Predefined answer

When creating a Predefined answer you can:

  • Specify name (for finding your Predefined answers faster)
  • Define Subject (will be used only when composing new ticket, it is not used when answering in existing ticket)
  • Create a message (text which will be automatically added to your ticket if this Predefined answer is selected)
  • Set its availability (define visibility of your canned message, visible for: me, all, specific department)

How are Predefined answers different from Canned messages

  • When creating a Predefined answer you can define the subject of an email
  • Canned messages can only store a short sequence of text
  • Predefined answers can contain attachments

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