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LiveAgent Call Center works as an integration with Twilio. (In order to be able to accept calls, you have to have a Twilio account). Calls can be made by calling your call center phone number (Phone - Computer) or by clicking a "Call us“ button on your website (Computer - Computer). When a customer tries to call you, he automatically gets into a queue and waits for the first available Agent.

Call buttonCall button

Talk to your customers over phone or pc to pc calls. No need to buy phones for your Agents, you can receive calls directly on your computer. Get a 1-800 number for your customer service.

Simultaneously Chat with your customers, no need to spell anything over the phone anymore. Your conversations and Chats will be kept in one Ticket . Build automated call routing schemes with an unlimited number of support Agents and Departments.

Business Benefits

  • Have a call center setup in a matter of minutes, accepting Phone calls all over the world
  • Save expenses of purchasing Phone set ups, all Calls are answered with LiveAgent, from your computer
  • When a customer tries to call you, he automatically gets into a queue and waits for the first available Agent
  • Phone calls are recorded and easily accessed from the Ticket
  • Call and Chat with your customers at the same time, no more misspelling issues

Get a Phone number and let customers contact you by Calling your Call center from their Phone. Have Agents pick up phone Calls in LiveAgent.

Computer calls

Place a Call button anywhere on your website and have customers call you from their computer. Call buttons are customizable and can be placed anywhere in your website.

PC to PC calls allow you to simultaneously Call and Chat with your customers. This is a huge advantage and has a positive effect on the effectivity of your customer service Agents.

Computer callComputer call

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