2-Step Verification

With 2-Step Verification (also known as 2 factor authentication), you'll protect your LiveAgent account with both your password and additional code from Google Authenticator mobile app.

Enable 2-Step Verification to secure your LiveAgent account.

2-Step Verification2-Step Verification

Do you need it?

2-Step Verification is an optional feature that’s recommended to be used. It adds more security to your LiveAgent account. When you have 2-Step Verification enabled, any attempt to log into your account must be accompanied by the code that you generated in Google Authenticator app. 2-Step Verification can help keep unknown people out, even if they have your password.

What changes when you enable 2-Step Verification in your profile?

  • when logging in to your account, except from your username and password you will be asked to insert a security 6-digit code from Google Authenticator application
  • Google Authenticator generates the security code every 30 sec.
  • rewrite the code from the app in to the field “Verification Code” in your logging screen

Google Authenticator app - 6-digit codeGoogle Authenticator app - 6-digit code

Logging in to LiveAgent accountLogging in to LiveAgent account

Additional security - How does it protect you?

You remember your username and password. But what could happen if somebody else would find it out? A stranger could easily log in to your account and steal your private data and see your communication. You don’t want that! Protect yourself with additional security. Verification codes are unique, generated in your mobile app (only you have access to own device).

What happens if you lose access to your Google Authenticator app?

Don’t worry, if you accidentally delete your Google Authenticator app (or lost your phone) you’ll be covered by your account admin. Admins can quickly turn off 2-Step Verification in any agent account.

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How to enable 2-Step Verification

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