Inbound and Outbound calling

Receive unlimited inbound calls from customers. Follow up or provide proactive support with outbound calls.
Connect your VoIP Provider

Choose from pre-made integrations or let us connect LiveAgent with your SIP provider for free.

Receive calls from your website

Place a "Call us" button on your website and start receiving calls right away.

Make unlimited internal calls

Your colleagues are in a different office and Slack is not effective enough? Call them, with no limits.

Outbound calls & Follow ups

Connect with your customers with outbound or follow up calls.

Cloud Based Call Center Software

LiveAgent gives you endless possibilities to provide a seamless customer experience over email, chat and phone.

Unlimited Inbound Calls

Plug in your favorite VoIP Provider with SIP and receive calls from anywhere in the world

PC-to-PC Calls

Place a call button on your page and let customers call you from their PCs

Internal calls

Make unlimited calls to your colleagues, without setting up SIPs

Outbound calls

Call your customers proactively or follow up about their open tickets


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Hardware phone

Answer calls with any hardware phone device


Receive calls in your browser - all browsers are supported


Ensure reliability by connecting and using a softphone software

Mobile app

Stay connected and answer calls even on the go with native iOS & Android apps

Answer calls on any device, anywhere

No matter whether you answer calls at your desk, or want to connect with customers on the go. LiveAgent has you covered by providing seamless experience with a cloud based call center, support of hardware phone devices, softphones and native iOS & Android mobile apps.

Hardware phone
Mobile App

Customized greetings & IVR

Offer branded or localized experiences with specific welcome messages for different brands, departments and phone numbers. Record new messages or upload existing audio files for greetings, transfer and other IVR messages. Describe your IVR flow and let us set it up for your or use our web based IVR designer tool.

Connect SIP
Setup devices
Setup IVR and routing
Start calling

Attended transfers & Sophisticated call routing

Transfer calls to specific extensions and wait for their pick up. Route calls automatically by priority or let LiveAgent randomly assign them.

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Migrate Your Cloud Call Center to LiveAgent

We will help you with the migration so you can stay focused on things that are more important.

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Early Bird Pricing

$39 / month per agent

All Helpdesk & Chat features included

  • Free internal calls
  • Unlimited storage for call recordings
  • No extra charges for call minutes
  • IVR, Attended transfers, Priority or random routing


Improved Day by Day

Please note that Call Center is a brand new feature and each customer has a specific use case. That may lead to certain functionality not to function properly. However, our dev team is constantly pushing new updates and with growing number of customers and tested scenarios, reliability is growing towards 99.99% as with the rest of LiveAgent features.

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