About us

It all started when we needed a good ticketing system for our other product. We couldn't find the kind of all-in-one helpdesk software we needed, so we built our own. After noticing a significant increase in customer satisfaction, we decided to share it and help other companies make their customers happy.


SupportCenter, the first version of LiveAgent was started in 2007. In mid 2007 we also launched LiveAgent Live chat, which was a standalone php chat software. It helped us to provide great customer support for Post Affiliate Pro, UnitMiner and other products. In December 2010, the first release of current LiveAgent Multi-channel helpdesk was launched by co-founders Andrej Harsani and Viktor Zeman. It immediately proved to be successful and received great reviews from our customers.

2007 LiveAgent chat software
2010 LiveAgent First Release
2015 15000 customers

Founders & Developers

Andrej Harsani


Viktor Zeman


Michal Bebjak

Software Architect

Milos Jancovic

Senior Developer

Ondrej Pok

Senior Developer

Danka Milonova

Senior Programmer

Matej Kendera

Senior Software Engineer

Jakub Zernovic

Software Engineer

Lubomir Nikodem

Junior Programmer

Jan Szaszi

Software Engineer Junior

Rasto Kostrab

Android guru

David Molnar

Development Mage 

Lubos Hozzan

Server Admin

Matus Svihra

Server Admin

Martin Nagl


Martin Civan

Junior Developer

Katarina Lukackova

Junior Developer

Karoly Belokostolsky

Junior Developer

Jan Perdoch

Design Brainiac

Robert Hegedus

Junior Designer

Vlado Luza

leSS, saSS, cSS (allSS) guru

Customer Service

Martin Pullmann

Support Wizard

Janka Kavulicova

Customer Happiness Advocate

Andrej Saxon

Customer Helper

Matus Prastiak

Customer Service Ninja

Anton Kralovic

Support Weasel

Martin Slastan

Customer Care Pro

Martin Svitek 

Support Mage

Pavol Juhasz

Support Specialist

Gordon Hilley

Support Specialist

Martin Malik 


Martin Urban 

Support Jedi

Marketing & Sales

David Cacik

Head of Marketing

Michal Kouril

Marketing Specialist

Michaela Sarkoziova

Junior Marketer

Martin Palus

Executive Sales Manager

Niki Vajdova

Marketing Intern