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  • I would definitely recommend LiveAgent.

    One of the advantages of LiveAgent is that the interface is very simple and user friendly. New representatives can be trained in no time and immediately start working with LiveAgent on their own.  LiveAgent has accelerated our overal performance and helps us to deliver immediate responses.

    Michaela Dobošová, E-On

  • Bye bye Kayako! Bye Bye Zendesk...

    LiveAgent is simply the best and most affordable Servicedesk tool out there! Bye bye Kayako! Bye Bye Zendesk... Bye Bye whatever!! Development is great and fast! Rock Solid and easy to use software. Very customer friendly also! LA you ROCK!

    Jeremy Otten, Random Solutions

  • Very high quality product...

    We have a leading web-project with very specific audience - advanced IT-professionals and geeks. And LiveAgent in this matter is very fit - a huge number of features, flexible configuration etc - all you could want. Very high quality product that satisfied all of our employees, and the result of his work - all of our users.

    Aleksey Shevelev, Habrahabr

He was GREAT!!!!!
Martin was very helpful!
thank you
Excellent service. Andrej was really patient and very helpful.
Good Quick service
Great support.
very fine.
His support was fantastic.
Thanks to Martin I'm ok now
Very great man!

Commentaire en direct

4.7 / 5
Average rating based on 15211 customer reviews.

After trying a number of different systems, both free and paid, I decided to go with Live Agent

I run a busy call centre that offers 24/7 chat, email and phone support for the online gaming industry (casino and backgammon) in The Caucasus. After trying a number of different systems, both free and paid, I decided to go with Live Agent. Not only was this a surprisingly cost effective option, it was a feature packed option that worked straight out of the box.

David Chandler, Caucasus Communications Service

Good all-in-one support system

We have been using LiveAgent since August and we are really satisfied with the various ways to integrate it into our website and support process. The LiveAgent support is of great help and we recommend this system to everyone.

Keep up the good work

Hendrik Henze, HEWO Internetmarketing

The day after OSTicket

We want to give our customers the best user experience in the market. After struggling with several other products we ran into Live Agent. A friend of us talked about Live Agent if it was the best software in the market. He was right. After testing Live Agent for a couple of weeks we were convinced. Simple installation, great support and the best user experience.

Peter Landegent, Support4Net

Increased customer satisfaction and sales

Live Agent helped us to achieve 2 important goals: increase customer satisfaction and sales. This tool is very easy to deploy and to work with. It enables us to get a deeper understanding of our potential and existing customer needs. Live Agent support was always friendly and helpful when contacted.

Andreas Horch,

LiveAgent is so easy to manage - even children can use it.

I remember the time we answered mails from Outlook, it was so hard to manage company emails. Now we use LiveAgent and we are sure that every email is answered in time. As a leading language center in Antalya we don't like to be 2nd or 3rd. LiveAgent helps us to attract customers right from the first visit of our website. PC-to-PC call button allows us to talk to the visitors from PC.

Rustem, Antalya Consulting Language Center

Live Agent changed the way we do online sales

We use Live Agent mainly to communicate with our Time Tracking software users during the free trial period. Those in software as a service business know, that the free trial is the last and the most important sales phase. For us, suddenly being able to actively monitor and approach potential online clients is a game changer. Live Agent changes anonymous web visitor into a specific person that you can pull into conversation and convert. It literally changed the way we do our online sales support. We relied on sending out emails during our Free trials before, Live Agent allows us to engage in much more effective live communication. For number seekers, our paid customer conversion rate went up 325% the first month we've setup and actively started using Live Agent.

Taras Baca, Flapps

Live Agent exceeded our expectations by delivering embedded functionality

As Director of Information Technology for a company with 500 computer users, I can say Live Agent has delivered on the promise of helping us keep track of help requests. Live Agent exceeded our expectations by delivering embedded functionality that helps us communicate with our users and update request statuses quickly and efficiently. Plus, the support staff is second to none as they respond with useful answers to our questions usually within a few hours if not minutes. I highly recommend the Live Agent product. It is cost effective, simple to use and yet, very configurable which helps satisfy all of our unique support center requirements.

Timothy G. Keys, Marietta Corporation

Our response time increased by 60%

Since we are using Live agent we can manage over 17.000 customers with an incredible speed. Our response time increased by 60% because the clean interface makes a huge difference.

Razvan Sava, WebmasterDeals

Complete suite of multi-featured Helpdesk and Livechat

After Post Affiliate Pro, LiveAgent is another very fine product from QualityUnit and we have purchased both :). We are just loving this helpdesk tool. To be frank, we also tried earlier other helpdesk tools like Zendesk and HelpSpot but I don't think they stand against LiveAgent after using it. It's a complete suite of multi-featured Helpdesk and Livechat, and yet very affordable. Super fast loading is Awesome!!!

Ajay Walia, Trackurly

Made our life easier

We are using LiveAgent for a while now, and it help us organize our sales and customer support. It cost effective solution that can help you with large amount of support requests via different channels.

Ivan Golubović, AVMarket

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