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Start Chat Buttons

Why Chat Buttons?

Having a unique advantage over competitors can equal the different between acquiring more customers and losing customers. Many people are accustomed to picking up a phone and dialing a number when they have questions or concerns. How can a company respond to an online customer immediately when there is no phone involved online? LiveAgent has the solution with easily integrated chat buttons that can be placed on any website.

It is easy to start

Chat buttons are useful for alerting visitors that a representative is available to answer any questions, at any time. Chat buttons are easy to create and can be easily customized to match the website they are applied to; with html, image and float buttons for increased flexibility. Integrating chat buttons into a website is done by simply copying and pasting pre-prepared HTML code for each button into the website.

Built-In Chat Buttons

It is easy to choose from one of the many ready-to-use chat buttons. In just a few seconds, you can put a unique chat button on your website.

Address right agents

Different pages of a website can have different chat buttons installed, which could assign visitors to different departments when clicked! When a visitor initiates a session by clicking the chat button, the chat can either be started within a frame (iframe) of the website, or in a separate browser window. Chat buttons can be created to show when agents are online, as well as when agents are offline.

Don't miss single request

During offline status, the visitor will be provided with a message contact form to submit, which will be turned into ticket and answered via email later. When agent status is online, the visitor requesting a chat will connect directly to the first available agent. No longer will a website owner miss a customer service request!

Embedded chat bar or popup

Choose whether the chat window will pop-up as a new browser window or as an embedded chat bar in your website. Set custom the colors and the size of the window. You do not need to know HTML coding for this, just use our easy-to-use setup form.

Be creative

There are a large number of ready-to-use start chat buttons you can use, but you can also create custom creative live chat buttons. It is easy to upload custom chat button images or to develop custom HTML buttons. LiveAgent will give to your designer the power to be creative and attract visitor with unique start chat buttons.