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Online/Offline Status

Let visitors know what is your status

When you get new visitors on your website, they can contact your agents directly through chat. However, it is important that they only be able to contact those agents that are free to talk, which is why the online/offline status for chat is a very useful feature. 

Custom Button for each status

LiveAgent automatically computes if a chat button is in online or offline mode, and it allows administrators to define for each button, what should happen if no one is online. This feature also allows them to choose what the chat button will look like to visitors to the website if it is offline or online.

Waiting Queue

When an agent needs a break they can stop their new incoming chats for a while. This time will not be visible in the working hours report, so it is easy for administrators to see how much time was actually spent answering tickets, and how much was spent offline. When an agent is chatting to the maximum allowed customers at one time, any new customers will not be able to start chat immediately. Instead, LiveAgent will display them in the waiting queue and inform them about their position in the queue. Consequently, customers can decide to stop waiting for a free agent for live chat and start typing an offline message, which automatically creates a ticket the agents can handle later.