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Offline Messages

Why Offline Messages?

Regardless of the number of online agents you have, it is always possible that there will come a time when none of them will be online to answer a customer’s questions. This could result in disgruntled customers, so it is important to always have another way in which they can contact your agents –offline messages.

What happens if all are offline?

If no agent is available, your customers will be able to use an easy-to-use contact form - which will be placed in the same area as the chat window – so they can send in their questions or comments. All comments submitted through contact forms will be automatically converted into tickets. You can personalize it to include the information you want your customer’s to leave – for example contact information, order id or other details. For each chat window on your website, you will beable to make a custom contact form with its own information fields, layout and color scheme. This can all be set up very easily in your management console.