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All-In-One Customer Service Software

Let customers interact with you on all fronts. LiveAgent supports all available contact methods - email, online chat, call center, knowledge base, contact forms, feedback buttons and social networks

Everything-You-Need Software for Awesome Customer Service

Answer emails, chats, Facebook wall messages, Twitter, feedback, forum posts and voice calls from one integrated environment.

Live Agent plugs into your e-mail and automatically creates tickets.

Never worry about missing out on an e-mail from your customer again. Every e-mail is automatically made into a ticket that is assigned to the correct department, and lastly to the support agent.

Add multiple e-mail addresses, set routing and filtering rules to streamline your support process. Experience e-mail support done right!

Boost online sales and generate more leads with Live Chat.

Increase your sales by adding a chat button on your website. Be there for your customers when they have a question for you. Live chat increases conversion rates of visitors to paying customers on average by 23%. Live Agent chat systems allow you to see what your customer types even before he sends the message, allow you to send attachments, see where your visitors are from, transfer the chats to other agents and much more.

Read more about Live Chat integration.

Voice support is built right in.

Talk to your customers over phone or pc to pc calls. No need to buy phones for your agents, you can receive calls directly on your computer. Live Agent uses Twillio for its voice call integrations. Get a 1-800 number for your customer service.

Simultaneously chat with your customers, no need to spell anything over the phone anymore. Your conversations and chats will be kept in one ticket. Build automated call routing schemes with an unlimited number of support agents and departments.

Learn more about Call Center integration.

Monitor, answer and archive all Facebook wall posts in one place.

Archive your Facebook communication in tickets. Categorize and search your Facebook posts and comments made by your customers. Surprise your customers with lightning-speed customer service on social media. Ticket responses are automatically posted to Facebook in real time.

Manage an unlimited number of profiles and wall pages. Define access to your Facebook pages via Live Agent and restrict your agents from page administration on Facebook.

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Track brand mentions and keywords on Twitter. Answer tweets from one place.

Monitor all tweets matching your filters and turn them into tickets. Let your agents answer or retweet them directly from your help desk. Backup your Twitter communication in tickets. Easily categorize, add tags and search all tweets related to your company. Manage access to your Twitter accounts, restrict your employees from changing your Twitter account settings.

Learn more about Twitter monitoring & tweets tiketing integration

Our knowledge base will reduce your customer support costs and workload.

Reduce your customer support costs and workload, improve your overal customer satisfaction by leveraging the power of a Knowledge Base, your customer support self-service. Let your customers find answers to their problems even when your support is offline or overloaded with other issues.

Learn more about our built-in customer portal.

Start prioritizing new ideas through our Feedback & Suggestions.

Encourage customers to send you new ideas and feedback for future development. Discuss each idea with your customers in an easy to use feedback forum. Do you know what are the most important features for your customers? Let them vote!

Clearly communicate the progress of implementation with your customers.

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Build a community with your customers and let them interact together.

Offer your customers a forum where they can interact and discuss your products or services. Have an instant overview of your forum by transforming every forum post into a ticket. That way, your support team can answer forum posts just like every other support ticket, the way they're used to.

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Turn feedback from contact forms into tickets.

By using Live Agent's contact forms, you will automatically transform every message into a ticket your agents can solve right away! Use a predefined form or create your own and collect additional data about your customers.

Learn more about contact forms.

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