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All-In-One Customer Service Software

Let customers interact with you on all fronts. LiveAgent supports all available contact methods - email, online chat, call center, knowledge base, contact forms, feedback buttons and social networks

A Healthy Dose of Competition

Solving customers issues all day long is hard work and your best performing customer support agents deserve to be credited and acknowledged. Badges are given out regularly and levels are gained gradually over time. Get personal and team stats. Gamification is not just about fun, it motivates support team members to work even harder.

Reward your customer support with Badges.

Badges create a fun and engaging workplace. With badges, the productivity in the office naturally increases. People love collecting and holding onto rewarding bagdes and try to shake of the negative ones as soon as possible.

Helpdesk managers have a simple and quick way to see who is producing the best results, responding to the most customers, selling the most products vs. who is slacking off with long perionds of inactivity.

Be in it for the long run with levels.

To make it easier for new agents to determine the skill of other agents and also to have a fun title, we have added levels to agent names. Now you can easily spot the achieved dragon slayer of customer support!

There are 12 predefined levels, running from Novice through Apprentice to Professional and Wizard, up to the King of Customer support. Levels are earned and permanent, you cannot loose them for inactivity.

Get all time statistics and reward the best.

See your personal statistics, like how long have you been online, how many messages you have responded to and a ton of other useful data.

Benchmark yourself to others in your customer support. See who beats you in what metric and who is the highest ranking Agent logged in today.

Reward your agents based on this statistics, set internal goals and see who's performing accordingly.

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