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Recommending certain products or services to visitors is difficult if support staff don’t know where customers are. Responding to geo-related concerns such as a customer’s shipping question can be much easier by knowing where a customer is located, in real-time chat. LiveAgent features “Geolocation by IP address” so owners and agents know precisely where the website traffic is originating from.

Where to find geo-location in LiveAgent?

Geolocation by IP address tracks website traffic based on the physical location, as well as showing the IP address of each person.

Geolocation can be seen in three different places during a live chat:

  • In ticket detail where the map can be seen with the visitor’s location (You can zoom out or zoom in)

  • In ticket detail where the visitor’s time zone can be seen along with location

  • In real time visitor monitoring allowing visitors to be seen on the world map


Chat detail with location identification
Chat detail with location identification
Online visitors map
Online visitors map