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File Sharing

Allowing your customer service representatives to reference the correct files your customers send in just became a whole lot easier with LiveAgent. Customers will be able to attach any file to the ticket they open and your customer service representative will be able to send files back in return as well.


To attach a file to an email or ticket reply, simply click on the attachment icon in the bottom left corner of the message box and attach the file you wish to send. If you want to remove the file after it has been attached, click on the red cross next to the file name.

The uploading feature works on a web 2.0 application, which allows for ease of use, allowing agents or customers to continue typing their messages while the files are being attached. This can help save time where large files are being attached.

This feature offered by LiveAgent allows file sharing to happen in both directions, allowing for ease of communication and efficient ticket support. You will also be able to send and receive attachments in your email account, as well as the replies you send your customers.