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Chat Invitations

Engage visitors

With LiveAgent chat invitations you can engage visitors and encourage them to finish important steps on your website (e.g. finish the order in the shopping cart). Often happens, that visitor stays on specific page longer as it is usual and this is the best time to invite him into chat and resolve his problems before he will leave your page forever without finishing the order.

Invite Visitors

Invitations are used to invite a person visiting a website to join in a chat session. Invitations is proven to encourage user-friendly chat sessions and open-communication between your employees and customers.

Customize Invitations

To create invitations is very easy. You can choose from some predefined invitation widgets or you can use custom HTML code to invite visitors in an own creative way. Customization of invitations with own texts or graphics is very easy. No complex HTML coding is required.

Simple wizard will lead you to create nice and engaging invitations. For each invitations you can set own rules (e.g. on which page should be invitation displayed, delay of invitation and much more). LiveAgent will let you to be creative and create unlimited number of invitations. In each section of your website you can invite visitors in different way or assign chats to different agents or departments.

Invitations Routing

LiveAgent will automatically control load in your support platform and release just number of invitations, which could agents handle in given time. In case your operators are fully loaded with chats, system will not invite next visitors into chat to protect your support platform against overloading. 

LiveAgent monitors conversion of each invitation and depending on number of visitors on your website will invite just amount of visitors, for which have agents free chat slots.

Example: Let's say, that conversion of invitation is 1% (1 visitor from 100 invited clicks on invitation to start chat) and your agents could handle 3 more chats in given time, system will invite maximum 300 visitors currently browsing your website.


Invite website visitors into chat
Invite website visitors into chat
Easy invitation customization
Easy invitation customization