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Online Collaboration

Allowing agents to work together while answering tickets, the online collaboration tool is a great feature that LiveAgent offers. 

This feature allows agents to see in real time which other agent is answering or reading a ticket. This can save time where agents are liable to waste time on a ticket that is being dealt with by someone else. They other agents will also be able to see the responses that the agent working on the ticket is giving the customer.

On the customer service end, the customer will be able to get faster responses as the agent can see what they are typing in real-time. So before the customer hits enter, the agent will know what it is they are interested in finding out about. This way they can make sure they have a fast answer ready for the customer. At the same time, the customer will only be able to see that the agent is typing a response, but not the response itself. This way they know that the agent is working on an answer for them, but will not be able to see any mistakes or typos before the agent has time to fix them.