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Support Agents

they deserve the best tool to communicate with customers

Intuitive user interface

Your agents will be pampered by an application that knows what they need and when they need it. Short learning curve, a multilingual interface and all actions are just a click away.

Chat and email in one place

Your customers need help and it doesn’t matter if they requested it by email, chat or phone. Handle it all in one place, in the same user interface and in the same conversation.

Human resources allocation

Don't require your agents to think about what should be done next. The system picks the right conversation for them. The only task for the agent is to solve the customer's problem.

Canned messages & shortcuts

It's all built with a focus on efficiency and speed. Frequently-used actions have their own keyboard shortcuts, and frequently asked questions can be answered with ready-to-use predefined answers.

Customer notes

Write down customer-related notes and access them in all conversations. You will never need to ask customers for the same information twice.



Specific tasks may need the attention of specific support agents. If so, assign the conversation to the right department or team member easily.

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