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See why LiveAgent is great for your customer experience


Let customers contact you easily

Customers can start a conversation with you simply by clicking the “Contact us” button on your page. Or they can just send you an email. Everything will be processed and saved.

Let customers chat with you

Chat is a fast and convenient form of real-time communication and many people prefer it to phone. By giving them this option you can attract more customers.

Let customers send you messages

Even if you are not answering chats, customers can leave you messages. They will receive your answers by email.


Don’t bother customers with forms

Let customers write messages right away. No need for them to fill out any forms first. No addresses, subjects and other things they don't really care about.

Send files

It is easy to attach files to conversations. Screen shots, manuals, documents and many more.


Conversation histories in one place

Customers can see entire conversation histories in one screen. Just click a link which is emailed automatically.


Match with your site design

The design of chat windows can easily be made to match the design of your site - it will feel as an integral part of your site.

Capture customer satisfaction

It's never been easier to listen to your customers. LiveAgent can easily capture your customer satisfaction after each chat or email. It's an easy and quick way to identify helpful support agents in your team. On the other hand you can also identify poor performers and take appropriate action.

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