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Returning Visitor Identification

Track visitors

When someone visits your website, LiveAgent will insert a cookie into their browser which allows us to identify them the next time they visit. Any communication they create while visiting the website will be stored so that if they visit again, the agent will be able to see immediately what communication they had with an agent the last time they were visiting the website.

Optimized Ticket Routing

LiveAgent will try to assign to each returning visitor same agent, which had the last communication with him to shorten time needed for studying the ticket history.

This allows agents to provide customers with a very personalized service. If someone is using multiple computers to visit the website, making it impossible to use browser cookies to identify them, then the email address visitor provide will be used as returning visitor identification. Again, the agent will have all the information relevant to the customer as soon as they start chat or any other type of ticket.

Customers that have been identified will be visible on the live website monitoring grid under their real name while browsing your website.