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Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to work efficiently, people like to be able to use keyboard shortcuts. These are very common on most browsers, but not so much for customer service applications. However, LiveAgent allows for a large number of keyboard shortcuts that are very easy for the agents to learn as well. 

When your agents first start using LiveAgent, they can press the Ctrl key when they are viewing any window and they will – after pressing and holding the Ctrl key for a few seconds – see the various keyboard shortcut options available to them.

For example, a bubble indicating that pressing Crtl+H will take them to the home page will show up next to the tab that would ordinarily take them to the home page. Every action that is used often has its own keyboard shortcut in LiveAgent. The different shortcuts include going to tickets assigned to you, picking a canned message, taking the next ticket in the queue, answering or closing a ticket and more.

Keyboard shortcuts allow agents to best use their time by allowing them to save time on repetitive tasks. The LiveAgent setup minimizes the amount of time they need to learn these shortcuts as they do not need to remember them anymore. This allows agents to perform better and faster on our Web 2.0 interface, which works exactly like any desktop application.