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Canned Messages

Be effective, offer faster support!

Worrying about timely communication with customers and providing quick responses that address their concerns is a thing of the past. Canned messages are the solution to quickly resolving customer inquiries while using less man-power!

A qualified professional can now be assigned to answering numerous customer chat messages simultaneously, while actually providing answers that are pre-defined. Content can now be prepared in advance to respond to customer’s frequently asked questions. Using canned messages for live chat or mail answers allows more customer satisfaction in a shorter period of time!

Canned messages work exceptionally well for email communication as well. Responding to floods of email messages in your inbox will no longer be a nightmare. Canned messages help to address more customer concerns in a shorter period of time without any loss in productivity.

Many people are curious as to why chat operators even need canned messages at all. The truth is, for the convenience and increase of productivity! Since live chat operators are chatting with multiple customers at one time, it can be burdensome and sometimes impossible to answer all queries in a timely manner. Also, online customers are often busy and can quickly become agitated, therefore leaving your website due to slow chat response from the operator. Using canned messages quickly solves that problem by allowing multiple messages to be sent to multiple customers with ease, while actually addressing their concerns. Customer communication and clarity is proven to improve dramatically when using canned messages.

Press Ctrl+Space

Canned messages are very simple to use. First, create the text that will be used for responding to live chat conversations or email messages. Next, you will simply create a shortcut to the predefined message in the text window, while chatting or sending emails. Pressing Ctrl + Space allows all of the canned messages to appear, as long as they fit within the shortcut. Now, simply choosing the canned message that you would like and pressing enter will bring up the message that you want to use. It’s as easy as that!

Easy Administration

Admin or agent himself can create unlimited number of canned messages. Each agent can create list of his own canned messages or list of canned messages accessible only in selected departments.

Don't worry even if you will create thousands of canned messages. LiveAgent will try to find always the best matching canned messages relevant to department in which is assigned conversation.


Simply press Ctrl+Space to show best matching canned messages
Simply press Ctrl+Space to show best matching canned messages
Easy administration of privileges in canned messages
Easy administration of privileges in canned messages